Our services at Encans Baril


The expertise of the Encans Baril team allows our business partners to establish the real value for all industrial or commercial merchandise. After extensive research, an evaluation report is prepared to justify the value of your acquired property.

Throughout the presentation process, you will be kept informed about the progress of your file. We are aware that it is vital for each of our customers to have a detailed report with supporting documents attesting to the exact value of assets, as much for funding as for a resale, or for the justification of a comprehensive annual report.

Public auction

The public auction is made to sell all your assets to the highest bidder, item by item or by block. This method is the most effective and quickest way to achieve guarantees on equipment.

Anxious to get the maximum amount of sales, Encans Baril cleans and installs the goods available for auction. After that, an advertising program is developed based on the costs and outcomes researched.

Finally, Encans Baril staff provides security and the proper functioning of everything for sale.

At the end, Encans Baril produces a complete report that includes:

  • all support documents (copies of invoices and proof of advertisement publication)
  • a detailed report of the sale, including a description of items and the selling price
  • all copies of invoices for incurred expense in the preparation of the auction and delivery of goods, if any.


For the sale of consumer goods, Encans Baril conducts a liquidation. The sale takes place on the premises of the assets, before the procedures are implemented or in our warehouse in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil. The liquidation limits the inseparable costs from such sales methods.

Mutual agreement Sales

When a file cannot justify the expenses of a public auction, the specialists of Encans Baril recommend a mutual agreement sale. This service means that Encans Baril will find one or more potential buyers. The sale is made with those responsible for the file.

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