Orved bassin decuisson sous-vide

Orved bassin decuisson sous-vide
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The SV-Thermo is a thermostatic bath designed and constructed for sous-vide cooking, which consists of cooking vacuum packed food inside special bags (SCB80 series). Equipped with 3 core probes, the bath allows you to cook multiple products with different cooking temperature at the same time. Direct plumbing allows for easy and safe water management.

SV-Thermo is featured with these exclusive Cooking Modes:

1. COOK-OFF: Once the cooking time elapses, the element automatically shuts off and the cooked product has to be removed.

2. COOK-CHILL: Once the cooking time elapses, the element automatically shuts off, the hot water is drained and the cold water is filled up to the pre-set program.

3. COOK-HOLD: Once the cooking time elapses, the water is adjusted according to the value set on the user parameter menu (factory programmed at 149° F (65°C) and the indefinite Holding time is started.

4. CATERING: In this mode the electrovalves and the levels are deactivited. The cycle is carried out according to the mode COOKING-OFF. Filling and draining of water as well as the manual adjustment of the levels. This MODE is specificly designed to use the appliance off-sites in places without water connection.


Dimensions (W × L × H)
16.81" × 26.56" × 14.37"
Bath Size (W × D × H)
11.81" × 20" × 8"

Water Levels: These 6 levels allow the user to optimize the amount of water to be heated.
Useful Volume: 7.50 gal. (overflow level)
1.97" (Level 1 – MIN), 2.91" (Level 2), 3.86" (Level 3), 4.80" (Level 4), 5.75" (Level 5), 6.91" (Level 6 – MAX)

Included: 3 probes for core temperature control
Watts: 1650 W
Volts: 110 V
Amp: 15 A
Bag Type: Sous-Vide cooking bags

Net weight: 65 lbs

Ship weight: 90 lbs
Ship Dimensions (W × L × H)
30.30" × 20.47" × 17.13"

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