About Encans Baril

Encans Baril understand your needs

The Encans Baril team offers, as an appraiser and liquidator, over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries including food, wood and metal factories, transportation, information technology, office, manufacturing, etc. Finally, their expertise covers all areas where machinery and equipment are found, except for buildings and land.

To date, more than 7000 companies have profited from Encans Baril expertise on behalf of various financial institutions to obtain funding.

Encans Baril’s professionalism is demonstrated from the moment we meet you for the initial assessment. A thorough inventory of all assets is carefully compiled and assessed at fair market value at that time.

The preparation of each item up for auction or liquidation is very important for Encans Baril. It is essential that each piece is at its best for the public presentation to obtain the best market value.

At Encans Baril, speed and quality are assured by an experienced team that you will surely witness throughout the process.

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